My Music Life: Peter Hayward

Peter Hayward

I’m writing this story while listening and watching the latest addition to my music collection a recent Graham Parker career retrospective, it’s a box set which I usually have problems with:- too much music to … Read more >

My Music Life: Bonita Sutherland

Bonita Sutherland

Yes, record company people do love music too … Bonita Sutherland is National Account Manager at Universal Music Australia and here’s her music life: My record collection is pretty eclectic these days. From Nina Simone … Read more >

My Music Life: Joshie Poole

Joshie Poole's collection

Alphabetical, and chronological order.. just a wee bit of my collection, getting to over 120 albums now.. as you can see.. alexisonfire is my favourite, had the pleasure to meet the band on their recent … Read more >

My music life: Joe Matera

Joe Matera in Linz Austria

Yet another Australian muso better known overseas than in his home country, Melbourne’s Joe Matera is back from Europe and will be here for Record Store Day. Joe’s fans are largely in Europe, in particular … Read more >

Coming soon!

The record companies promise lots of yummy specials again .. info will probably start to come through in late February or early March.

CHECK! One! Two!

Coming soooooon …. lots of info about gigs for Record Store Day.