Tasman Keith – A Colour Undone

Tell us a little bit about your music and your RSD Release A Colour Undone. Did you go into creating this record with a specific vision? Talk us through your creative process.

It was really a collection of thoughts I had a few months prior to recording the album. I knew I wanted to make something that walked this line of the highs and lows within death, love and life. The creative process at first was a personal breakdown to rebuild and let go of things no longer serving and then to also create the music outside of that with clarity. The actual process of recording and writing these songs was very quick, 6 days all up with a new idea or 2 each day which you now hear as ‘A Colour Undone’  

What was the experience like working with Kwame on the record? 

I knew at the time he was the right person for the sound I wanted to create, he played a big part in this record and a lot of time was spent having creative discussions around the sound and perception of this body of work. 

A Colour Undone features some amazing collaborations from Genesis Owusu, Jessica Mauboy, Phil Fresh, and Thandi Phoenix. Did you have any favourite moments working together?

All of the features have their own special moment attached as everything was done in person, which was a goal from the jump. A moment that always sticks to me is hearing Jess sing HEAVEN WITH U. I grew up watching her represent us and to have her sing something i had written about self love was incredible. 

Do you have a dream collaboration (if it hasn’t happened already)? 

A harmonica riff from Stevie Wonder and a timeless verse from Andre 3000.

How was it hearing your debut album on vinyl for the first time?

Incredible, it took me back to creating it and every moment attached. 

Were there any surprise fan favourites on the record? Do you have a personal favourite?

Seeing people connect with TREAD LIGHT was a surprise, that was a song I wrote with no care in the world of how it would go because I had let out what I needed to and penned a story I had always wanted to write. For that reason TREAD LIGHT is a personal favourite, as well as LOVE TOO SOON. 

What artists have influenced or inspired the way you create, and what is a record of theirs you would recommend to someone who has never heard them before? Both Australian and internationally?

Michael Jackson – Thriller (If somehow you haven’t heard it)
Outkast – Speakerboxx and The Love Below
Kendrick Lamar – Section 80
Bob Marley – Uprising
2pac – All Eyez On Me


Any touring highlights? Do you have a favourite venue to play in?

Playing the hometown show in Bowraville and selling out the local theatre.  Seeing family and fans in one building experiencing and relating to the record was incredible 


Where will we find you on Record Store Day this year? Do you have a favourite store to go looking for vinyl?

A lot of my time as of late has been spent in Regional Australia, I’m still yet to find a record store – maybe we will have to make a pop up one for me to be at.