Ian Moss – Live at the Enmore

Your music has reached many different audiences over your career, what do you think about your writing that resonates with so many different people and generations?

I’ve always liked a good storyline and strong similes, metaphors, and imagery. I try to write lyrics that people can identify with and say, “Yes, I’ve been there too. I’ve felt like that.” I also like to paint pictures of the Australian landscape and lifestyle directly or indirectly. 

Do you have a favourite or wild story from a fan? 

They are for the book!


Your release for Record Store Day is an album from your live performance at the Enmore Theatre. Tell us why you wanted to make a record out of it, and why the live recording?

A great venue and a killer band – why wouldn’t you? They get to hear how the band can bring a different immediate passionate energy to the songs, which really comes through on this album.

Why the Enmore Theatre? Do you have any memories from the venue?

The Enmore Theatre is quite iconic with its architecture/style. It has always been a great place to play rock ‘n’ roll, as the acoustics are great. I love the atmosphere that the room creates. So many good memories.

Was it special having your son Julian on the album?

It sure was. Julian has such a beautiful, warm tone to his voice. Talented lad. For “Blame It On The Sun”, I just needed to focus on my guitar parts to keep from getting emotional. It was a lovely moment.

Do you have a favourite track on the record from that particular set, and why?

The title track, “River’s Run Dry,” has a special place in my heart. It is about a very early childhood mate from my hometown of Alice Springs. 

Was it difficult coming up with a set list, especially with so many gems from your latest album’ Rivers Run Dry?’


Yes, I have quite a solid list of songs to choose from. You can’t do them all, so that’s a little disappointing at times, but having too many to choose from is better than not having enough!


From someone whose career has spanned across both bands and solo work, do you find that there is more freedom about your writing and recording process? 


I’ve never felt cornered or pigeonholed when it comes to writing. I always continue the creative flow and avoid worrying about the song’s style. I think, “Let whatever may be flowing at the time flow unrestricted.” I’ve lost count of the times I’ve heard the comment about the “River’s Run Dry” album, “Every song on the album is different from each other, yet they all fit perfectly together on the one album.” 


What does an Ian Moss show entail?

Lots of energy and enthusiasm from a terrific band who nails it every night playing a great bunch of songs. 

Do you have a favourite store to go digging for records? Either in Australia or internationally?


I wish I had the time. However, my manager loves his vinyl and often goes to Red Eye  in Sydney or pops into Radio Free Alice in Darlinghurst. In New York, he suggests Rough Trade  and in London, he goes to Reckless Records But really any store that sells vinyl is worth a look.

What are your plans for Record Store Day? Playing a show we can come check out?

I’ll be playing a show in Renmark, South Australia. All dates at ianmoss.com.au