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Ocean Alley – Chiaroscuro

Tell us a little bit about each of you and Ocean Alley?We’re all pretty laid back and relaxed, but it’s hard not to be when you grow up on the Northern Beaches. I think that … Read more >

Bluey – Dance Mode

Name: Joff Bush Pronouns: he/him For those who don’t know, what is your role within the iconic TV series ‘Bluey’? I’m the lead composer of Bluey but more importantly, I play the role of Busker from the … Read more >

2023 Instores + Events

Instores, instores, and instores some more. Check out some of these instores and events happening across the country this Record Store Day! Got an event happening that we haven’t featured? Submit here. NEW SOUTH WALES … Read more >

Close Counters – SOULACOASTA II Sampler EP

Close Counters: ‘SOULACOASTA II Sampler EP’Name: Allan McConnell and Finnian ReesPronouns: He/Him Tell us a little bit about Close Counters and the history of the project?Close Counters was formed in our home suburb of Taroona … Read more >

Ella Thompson – Cool Down My Heart

Pronouns: she/her For those who haven’t heard your music before, tell us a little about Ella Thompson?I am a musician from Naarm, I play keyboards, sing, produce and write songs. I love soul music. My … Read more >


Pronouns: He / Him Tell us a little bit about Hugo Basclain? Take us back to the beginning of your musical journey? The beginning of my musical journey started with just always being around music. … Read more >