Turning Tables Q&A – Owena and Scott, Rockaway Records QLD

“Everyone knows the first record on the table will set the mood for the day. But it always depends who is on as to what notes you will be hit with…. If it’s me on open, you are likely to hear a mixture of Jazz and Blues…. If the boss-man is in early, then you can expect Led Zeppelin or Beatles”

Turning Tables Q&A – Annie, White Rabbit Record Bar VIC

“I think I bought “Devil’s Gate Drive” Suzi Quattro 7’’ for Margie, my mate and she got me “48 Crash” also Suzi Q. We were mad for her and her leathers! We drove all the parents and neighbours mad playing them over and over. I can still see the label RAK with an old ship. Where was that purchase made, I’m guessing in Brisbane, we didn’t have a lot of choice back in the early days: was it Brashes or Myers – yes, Myer used to stock vinyls.”

Turning Tables Q&A – Stella Dunai, Vinyl Revival VIC

“I am a little bit late to the train, but I have been loving Yasuke, Flying Lotus’s latest album. It genuinely makes me feel like I am a samurai warrior walking through an old video game, which makes sense seeing as the album was made as a soundtrack to a new anime Yasuke, about an African warrior who served under Japanese daimyo Oda Nobunaga.”

Turning Tables Q&A – Ari Roze, Plug Seven Records VIC

“We do get a lot of good looking dogs in store, I mean..it is Fitzroy. Yeh but ahh who else, well sometimes you know DJ’s I don’t know what they look like, so we had Dani from Motor City in here a few days digging thru 7”s before someone whispered he was a well known dude. A nice guy, We had most of Fat Freddies thru, there’s been heaps over the years I guess.. Haruki Murakami came in one time.. and more dogs.”

Turning Tables Q&A – Chris Gill, Northside Records VIC

“Daily I have amazing musicians walk in all the time. Recently the woman who painted the artwork for the Hiatus Kaioyte’s incredible GRAMMY NOMINATED ‘Mood Valiant’ walked in the store with her family. I was suggesting funky local goodness to them and that was the first record I showed them, she demurely told me that she was the artist who painted it. I squealed and span around in excitement.”

Turning Tables Q&A – Matt, Clarity Records SA

“The very first celebrity we had come into the store was Hayley Williams of Paramore who bought some really cool hardcore records and gave us a shout out at a sold out Entertainment Centre show. Tom Green the actor was a cool one. Most bands tend to come in when in town particularly Randy from Lamb Of God, John from Baroness, Cold Chisel are all regulars and our most recent celebrity was comedian Jimeoin.”

Turning Tables Q&A – Jeb Taylor, Music Farmers NSW

“Arcade Fire’s Funeral came out about a month before we first opened and it was played so much in the first few months of the shop, every time now that I hear something from that record it still transports me back to that time of opening a record store with no idea what we were doing.”

Turning Tables Q&A – Frog, Songland Records ACT

“The first record I bought was actually a cassette tape from the Earlwood (in Sydney) Record Centre in 1978. My mum bought me an ABBA Greatest Hits tape which, while appreciated, wasn’t actually what I wanted. So I went back and exchanged it for what I did want, which was The Sports’ first album Reckless.”


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