Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, The Haydn Quartet* ‎– String Quartet In G Major, KV.387

While visiting Brisbane, my daughter dragged me around a second hand book fare and they also had lots of old vinyl, mostly bad 70s and 80s stuff no-one wanted. One of the first records that caught my eye was this tired old looking sleeve looking like something from the 1940s. I’m not exactly familiar with Mozart, only to know he is in the top 10 all time composers. The old quirky sleeve drew my attention but also, so did what I assume is the price tag of 8 shillings and sixpence. But what really peaked my interest was that a previous custodian of this record had boldly written LOVELY in pencil on the front cover. I couldn’t really leave it behind given they were selling two records for $2.50 so it became mine. The sales person was tickled by my enthusiasm at the handwritten comment on the front. I didn’t properly inspect the vinyl until I got it home the next day and was a bit disappointed to see a bubble on the record surface. Expecting it to be problematic the record actually didn’t skip a beat and, as was written by whom I imagine to be a charismatic old lady, it was indeed lovely. I look forward to playing it many times.