Wish you were here- Pink floyd

20/05/2021 I have been building a collection for quite some time. I came across a first press “the wall” in 2015 and always kept my eyes open for a copy of my favourite “wish you were here” I received a phone call at 9am on this day letting me know my uncle Peter(massive pf fan) had passed away in his sleep. Whilst I was driving home that afternoon I decided to throw my Spotify on random. Shine on you crazy diamond began playing. I drove into town I had to collect some items and I was walking past my local record store and just out of curiosity stuck my head in. Wouldn’t believe it a first press of wish you were here was sitting there looking straight at me as I walked in the door. Postcard and everything all still intact. I’m not big on fate, but all the signs that day pointed me in the direction of that record.