When I was in high school I started learning the saxophone. My Dad would take me for a sax lesson every Saturday morning, and afterwards we would hit up the local op shops and pick out a record that featured sax, jazz or big bands, go home and listen to our find. One of the first records we found was Winelight. It quickly became my favourite record, and Grover Washington Junior became one of my biggest inspirations. I listened to this record so much I was eventually able to transcribe and play his entire solos for Winelight and Just The Two of Us on my sax, and fast forward 20 years I’m now a professional musician and music teacher and I still enjoy playing these songs! This record brings back so many good memories of fun op shop adventures with my dad, sitting around the record player with excitement waiting to hear what we had found, and the many hours of fun I had practicing my saxophone trying to learn these epic solos. For me, this record was life changing!