VARIOUS ARTISTS: Hillbillies In Hell Volume 10: Country Music’s Tormented Testament (1952 – 1974)

Limited Randomly Inserted Coloured Vinyl

Come join the Reaper…

Fiery Judgements, Rapturous Apocalyptic Revelations and Death’s Icy Grip. This Brim-stoned collection of weathered mountain-prophets and battered backwoods-poets features Angelic Voices, Infernal Visions and Gospel Redemptions, Bluegrass Exultations and heartfelt Sinful Lamentations. Most often waxed on marginal labels and distributed in penurious amounts, these Troubled Troubadours sing of scalding Hellfire Flames, tortured Satanic Slaves and pragmatic Afterlife Options.

Songs of Inspiration. Songs of Desperation.

Years in the making – ‘Hillbillies In Hell’ (Volume X) presents 16 timeless tribulations – chilling Hillside Hollers, Dark Angelic conversations and Death-cheating celebrations – sweet, virginal Declarations of Doom and the harrowing, final silence of The Grave gloom.

A buried cache of forgotten 45s – many of these sides are impossibly rare and are reissued here for the very first time.

Nobody gets out of here alive…

SEE The Phipps Family board ‘Death’s Black Train’!

HEAR the Swanee River Boys declare ‘Fire’s A-Coming’!

WITNESS Charlie Moore rejoice ‘No Grave (Is Gonna Keep This Soul)’!

Record Store Day 2020 Exclusive Release

Deluxe Gatefold LP with exclusive scholarly liner notes by Alvin Lucia.

Full dynamic range 2020 remasters direct from the first-generation analogue master tapes.

Limited to 666 copies – 166 (randomly inserted) ‘Damnation’ Red LPs / 167 (randomly inserted) ‘Hellfire’ Splatter LPs / 166 (randomly inserted) ‘Eternal Torment’ Splatter LPs / 167 (randomly inserted) ‘Silent Grave’ Black LPs