Various Artists

Hillbillies In Hell: Volume 666 (Country
Music’s Tormented Testament: 1952-

Deep, deep underground…
From the brimstone Hayseed labyrinth comes Hillbillies In Hell: Volume
666 – a blazing collection of psychedelic pedal-steel guitars, tortured
Gospel odes, She-Devils, possessed minors, hayseed barroom
homicides, hallucinogenic nightmares and desperate souls. Originally
waxed on microscopic labels and distributed in minuscule amounts,
these troubled and forgotten troubadours sing of drug-fulled
delusions, deathly rivers and Satan’s perpetual temptations.
Years in the making – ‘Hillbillies In Hell’ (Volume 666) presents 18
testaments of benighted sinners, timeless tribulations, bottomless
graves and the tall flames of eternal damnation.
A Luciferian cache of subterranean 45s, some of these sides are
impossibly rare and are reissued here for the very first time. All for
your primordial listening pleasure.
•RSD 2018 Limited Edition 666 Deluxe Gatefold LPs with exclusive
scholarly liner notes by Alvin Lucia!
•Full dynamic range 2018 remasters direct from the first generation
analogue master tapes!
*222 (randomly inserted) ‘Hellfire Red’ LPs / 222 (randomly inserted)
‘Lucifer Ablaze’ Orange Splatter LPs / 222 (randomly inserted)