Utopia open at midnight. Again! Fire breathing displays!

These guys are mad. I’m sure of it!  Baby giraffe rides!  Fire breathing!

They open at midnight for an hour or so, close for a quick nap and then re-open at 7am. Or maybe they’re just natural night owls?  There will be fire breathing displays by Ray from the HARD ONS. That’s a Record Store Day first!

Once again they have Golden Tickets to giveaway – two Century Venues Double Pass One Year Golden Tickets (approx value $15,000) to give away. Spend $50 or more on anything in the store and go into the draw.

Free showbags for the early  birds at both openings, filled with ‘all sorts of awesomeness’.

Erm .. they also promise baby giraffe rides for children. I’m not sure what that means. Not a real baby giraffe, surely?