Utopia midnight opening: Sydney

Utopia Records in Sydney’s CBD is opening at midnight, granting the first 25 wild animals (purchasers) exclusive Utopia gift bags. OneĀ Century Venues golden ticket will be given away.

The same will occur at the even more “ungodly hour” of 7am – 25 gift bags and one golden ticket (spend $50 or more to go in the draw for the ticket).

Music on the day will be curated by DJs from NO LIFE ‘TIL LEATHER, FRANKIE’S and MOTORMOUTH. Legendary.

The store has just confirmed that all 293 RSD titles requested for the day are en route for your keen ears. Thousands more great titles, new and used, will also be available – metal, punk and rock.

There will also be random giveaways, fire breathing and (ethical) baby elephant rides.

“Record Store Day is always totally sick nuts at Utopia ya mugs”