U2’s Pride EP

It was 1984, I was in year 7and my love for music was starting to turn away from the top 40 mainstream. At the time, I had a mate who owned U2’s Under a Blood Red Sky on VHS. I borrowed this and for a whole summer watched it every day! That Christmas, this same friend gave me a $5 gift voucher to a Record Store in Hornsby, a few suburbs up the train line. Off I went armed with $5 to spend and keen to buy a U2 “cassette”. The cassette was $12.99 and I didn’t have the budget to spend that much. Instead, I found their new EP, Pride in the bins for $4.99. So off I went home with my first record but with no record player to play it on. It didn’t matter as this began a love affair with music that is just as strong today!