Turning Tables Q&A – Ryan Sage, Air Raid Records NT

Turning Tables
Shining a light on the tastemakers behind the desk

With a second drop of 2022 RSD Releases landing in stores on Saturday 18 June, we’re back with the long-awaited return of our beloved interview segment Turning Tables—shining a light on the faces, names, minds and tastemakers behind the desk who greet our crate-digging friends with invaluable knowledge and an undying love for all things music.

Today we’re featuring Ryan Sage from The Northern Territory’s Air Raid Records, pictured here with Alex Cameron from local outfit Bad//Dreems.

What store can we find you at and how long have you been there?
Air Raid Records, Darwin. We have just celebrated our 3rd birthday.

How has the store and its customers changed over time?
Customers have become crazier, wait, maybe it’s me who’s becoming crazier. I haven’t noticed a huge change in customers so far.

What’s your general vibe to kick off the morning music when doors open?
The last record that my staff have left on the turntable.

Ever had any notable cameo walk-ins in store?
James Blundell, Remi, Angus Stone came in the other week, No one wants to come to Darwin

Do you remember the first record that started your own collection? Was it bought, gifted or handed down?
Eagles, Hotel California. I think Mum bought it for me as a gift. 

What about the first record you purchased for someone else? Where’d you buy it?
I can’t really remember the first record I purchased for someone else. In my youth I lent out CDs and made mixed cassette tapes and gave them to friends.

Favourite debut record of all time?
Baby Animals – Baby Animals.

Tell us about the most valuable (monetary or sentimental) record in your collection. Why is it so important to you?
Signed copy of Baby Animals 1991 press.

Favourite Australian release of all time?
I think you get the picture.

What’s your number one pick of the second drop of RSD releases landing on June 18?
Suzi Q this drop!

What record has been on repeat for you lately?
Tex Perkins and the fat rubber band.

Tell us about your favourite artist, and what record of theirs you’d recommend to introduce to someone who’s never heard of them.
Pretty obvious this one.

Favourite in-store performance of all time?
Unfortunately our space isn’t big enough to support anyone other than a solo guitarist. We have had a few of them in.

Best thing about working at a record store?
Bringing a smile to customers faces when they find their holy grail.

It’s closing time in the store, what’s spinning?
Right now, Blondie.

Stay up to date with Air Raid Records, and get in touch about all titles they have landing in store for Saturday 18 June via their facebook and instagram.

Store Location
Air Raid Records
Shop 12/35 Cavenagh St
Darwin City NT 0800

Phone: 0475 230 491

Opening Hours:
Monday 10:30am–1:30pm
Tuesday 10:30am–3:30pm
Thursday—Friday 3pm–6pm
Saturday 10am–3pm
Sunday 10am–2pm