Turning Tables Q&A – Gavin Clancy, Good Vibrations Perth WA

Turning Tables
Shining a light on the tastemakers behind the desk

With a second drop of 2022 RSD Releases landing in stores on Saturday 18 June, we’re back with the long-awaited return of our beloved interview segment Turning Tables—shining a light on the faces, names, minds and tastemakers behind the desk who greet our crate-digging friends with invaluable knowledge and an undying love for all things music.

Today we’re featuring Gavin Clancy from Good Vibrations in West Perth, WA. Take it away Gavin!

What store can we find you at and how long have you been there?
Good Vibrations in West Perth. We opened in June 2021!

How has the store and its customers changed over time?
We’re still a baby but it’s been great seeing a large number of repeat customers already. We don’t have a specific vibe or niche, instead we’d like to think we have something for everyone. 

What’s your general vibe to kick off the morning music when doors open?
Something uplifting. Perhaps some classic soul such as The Temptations – Gettin’ Ready.

Ever had any notable cameo walk-ins in store?
Quite a few WA musos, most notably Paul Harding of Pendulum, aka El Hornet. 

Do you remember the first record that started your own collection? Was it bought, gifted or handed down?
I’m pretty sure it was Green Day’s Dookie, purchased from Perth institution 78 Records on Record Store Day in 2012.

What about the first record you purchased for someone else? Where’d you buy it?
I reckon it was Death Cab For Cutie – Transatlanticism. Shout out to Mills Records in Freo. 

Favourite debut record of all time?
The Velvet Underground & Nico

Tell us about the most valuable (monetary or sentimental) record in your collection. Why is it so important to you?
I’ve got an original Australian pressing of The Zombies – Odessey and Oracle, which is both my most expensive and most cherished record. I love collecting Australian pressings from the 60s, it’s fascinating looking back and seeing which records sold tons of copies here and which ones barely moved!

Favourite Australian release of all time?
Super tough! But probably Since I Left You by The Avalanches.

What’s your number one pick of the second drop of RSD releases landing on June 18?
Definitely the Ramones box set (The Sire Albums: 1981-1989). Their 1980s output remains underrated.

What record has been on repeat for you lately?
Harvey Sutherland – Boy. Great synth funk out of Naarm.

Tell us about your favourite artist, and what record of theirs you’d recommend to introduce to someone who’s never heard of them.
Some killer local stuff has been grabbing my attention over the past twelve months. Artists like Adrian Dzvuke, Jewel Owusu and Grace Sanders. I’d highly recommend Perth four piece Ursula’s debut LP Brains, Waste, Heart for anyone who’s a fan of shoegaze, alt-rock or grunge.

Favourite in-store performance of all time?
We haven’t hosted any (yet), but seeing Surf Curse play at Amoeba Hollywood in 2019 (at their original Sunset Blvd location) was pretty great!

Best thing about working at a record store?
Everything – it’s just as great as I imagined it’d be. The highlight is probably some of the stories you hear from the customers, you just never know who’s gonna walk through that door. 

It’s closing time in the store, what’s spinning?
Probably some dream pop/shoegazey stuff. Been really digging Galaxie 500 lately, particularly their album Today.

Stay up to date with Good Vibrations, and get in touch about titles they have landing in store for Saturday 18 June via their website, facebook and instagram.

Store Location
Good Vibrations
Shop 3/1251 Hay Street
West Perth WA

Ph 0430 735 777

Opening Hours
Tue-Wed, Fri-Sat 10am – 4pm
Thursday 10am – 6pm