Turning Tables Q&A – Elenie White, Midland Records WA

Turning Tables
Shining a light on the tastemakers behind the desk

In the lead up to RSD 2022 we’ll be featuring some of the legends behind the scenes at participating stores in a short interview segment we’re calling Turning Tables—shining a light on the faces, names, minds and tastemakers behind the desk who greet our crate-digging friends with invaluable knowledge and an undying love for all things music.

Today we’re featuring Elenie White from Midland Records in Western Australia.

What store can we find you at and how long have you been there?
My Name is Elenie White and I own Midland Records along with my husband Amos White and son Dale. Our record store is a true suburban record store in one of Western Australia’s most colourful eastern suburbs, Midland. We have been operating in Midland for over 20 years and have always sold Vintage Vinyl but Midland Records was born in 2014 when we travelled over to America to fill a shipping container with records and vintage gear.

How has the store and its customers changed over time?
Our store is constantly evolving over time, just ask the many loyal customers who frequent our store, when they come in for their weekly dig and have to find their way around the racks. We even got a negative review once because we change things up all the time. But all in all, when you are in business for as long as we have been, evolving and making changes to your business is crucial and we hope each change betters the shopping experience for our customers.

What’s your general vibe to kick off the morning music when doors open?
I think the music we play in our record store reflects us and the store. We always carry a huge range of titles and genres—something for everyone. You never know what might be playing from day to day. It could be a store classic like Julia Jacklin to Nujabes to local legends Pond or Tame Impala. 

Tell us about your favourite artist, and what record of theirs you’d recommend to introduce to someone who’s never heard of them.
Picking a favourite artist for me is really hard as I love so much music but probably my most admired musicians, who have been with me my entire adult life would have to be Australian legend Nick Cave and his Bad Seeds. In our house he is always referred to as Sir Nick. The Introductory Record is a toss up between either Push the Sky Away or The Boatmans Call.  

Best thing about working at a record store?
I think the best thing about working in a record store is the huge amount of music and the diverse range of people that love it.

Stay up to date with Midland Records, and all their RSD happenings via their website, facebook and instagram.

Store Location
Midland Records
7 Spring Park Rd
Midland WA 6056

Ph (08) 9250 5656

Open 7 days a week!