TISM: Mistah Eliot – He Wanker 7″

Limited Edition of 750 copies. Translucent red vinyl. By Aug 1986, flush with the success of their debut single “Defecate On My Face” TISM had recorded what was intended as a follow-up single, “Mistah Eliot – He Wanker”. Two other songs were recorded during those sessions, “A Faceful Of Divertamenti” and “Kill Yourself Now And Avoid The Rush”. A last-minute rethink by the band saw them record further songs and release all the recordings together as “Form and Meaning Reach Ultimate Communion”. 35 Years later, here is “Mistah Eliot – He Wanker” released on 7” single especially for Record Store day on June 19. The B-side is a previously unreleased early mix of “Kill Yourself Now And Avoid The Rush”.