The Who – Dance Session 7″ EP

The oldest record and pinnacle in my vinyl collection is The Who Dance Session EP from 1966.

My story – I picked this up in a pawn broker in Ballina back 28 yrs ago where I was visiting and walking past the front window display and saw this sitting on a small stand for 50c! I knew nothing about it (other than it was Pete Townsend and The Who) but went inside and bought it, purely because I thought the cover was so cool.

It was only years later when reading Aust Record Collector magazine that I discovered this was a rare pressing.
Back then the magazine described the 7″ EP as ‘impossibly rare’ and rated it as top 3 most collectable Australian EPs ever! Recorded on the Blue and White Festival label, its unknown how many copies were originally pressed.

Unbelievably, it turns out its estimated value is anywhere between $1,000 – $2,000!!! Ive since validated this on Discogs but I love it so much now I just cant part with it. Looks like Ill need to pass it down to my kids 🙂