The Triffids Born Sandy Devotional

This may not have been the first album I purchased but it is one of the oldest album I have that is dear to my heart and is on high rotation on the turntable (and still playing extremely well). For me this is the most amazingly underrated album and band. This album weaves a tapestry of a desolate landscape, hot summers and the Australia I grew up in. Truly a work of art and David McComb was taken way to early and while ‘Red Pony’ from Treeless Plain is a lot of people’s favourite Triffid’s song and everyone should know ‘Wide Open Road’ from Born Sandy Devotional (if you don’t then you seriously have been under a rock) my favourite song is ‘Lonely Stretch’ a truly awesome song about love lost with one of my best bit of prose with ‘Well, there is a spot on a map, it’s just a tiny dot, that is where my sweetie lives, you know that means a lot’ this is so simple but says so much. I could go on and on and on and I know this is about the oldest piece of vinyl in your collection and it is very close…If you haven’t listen to this album…’then do yourself a favour’ 🙂 Yes I did that.