The Rough Guide to African Beats

Nowhere is the beat of a drum more symbolic of a culture than in Africa, where it’s forever been the heartbeat of daily life. From the trance percussion of South Sudan to the gnawa groove of Morocco, this is an exploration into a continent’s rhythmic life source.

Side A
01 Wayo Kpaningbo (Xylophone) 04:20
02 Kenge Kenge Obare Yinda 07:42
03 Simo Lagnawi Bolami 04:43
04 Sotho Sounds Ha Kele Monateng 03:28

Side B
01 Mamane Barka Doro Lelewa 05:39
02 Hope Masike Zunde 03:34
03 Mamoutou Dembele Taro Maro 04:42
04 Seprewa Kasa Nkasoo 05:44

Undoubtedly some of the best African music you’ve never heard!

Includes unique recordings by masters of endangered instruments.