The King Cole Trio, Vol. III 45 EP

This is the oldest record I own. This collection of four tracks by Nat King Cole (vocals, piano), Oscar Moore (guitar) and Wesley Prince (double bass) is a 7″ vinyl 45 EP released in Australia in December 1953 by Capitol Records, licenced and manufactured in Australia by the Australian Record Co. Ltd. in Sydney.

45s only began to be manufactured in October 1953 in Australia, and the first to be released were on Capitol, so this is one of the earliest to be pressed here.

I was lucky enough to find this one among a dusty old pile of 45s at an op shop for the bargain price of $2! You can see the original price written in pen on the top right of the sleeve… 14 / 3 (14 shillings, 3 pennies)!

Nat King Cole’s music really means a lot to me because my late paternal grandparents were big fans and I remember times of love and warmth spent with them as a kid listening to their records.