The Jimi Hendrix Experience

The Jimi Hendrix Experience.
Cover misprint Hendrix
Back in 1992 as a 13 year old, I payed a visit to my elderly neighbours Audrey and Ken.
Ken was enjoying a Crown Lager and Audrey was sipping on an Earl Grey, whilst watching the cricket on the box. I asked if I could have a flick through their small record collection underneath the TV. Audrey said “Go ahead Peter”.
Amongst all the Kamahl and James Last record’s etc etc….there it was…..JIMI !
“WOW” I said….. “Audrey…..Ken where did you get this from”?
Audrey replied with, “Peter that was out late son Ross’s record”. Audrey then said “Would you like it” ? I said  “WOW, are you sure”? Audrey replied. “Yes, Ross would have loved you to have it. Enjoy it as he did”.
RIP Audrey, Ken, Ross and Jimi.