The Beatles Third Christmas Record

The Beatles may have split up 36 years before I was born, but that doesn’t stop me from being absolutely obsessed with them. Last year for Christmas, I hoped I would get a few things Beatle related, and I was delighted to see some record shaped presents under the tree. I didn’t own any records at the time, so I was ecstatic to see one of those record shapes presents was for me. I unwrapped it and was absolutely stoked. It was The Beatles Christmas message from 1965 that was given exclusively to members of the fan club!
We spun it that Christmas, and it was so beautifully strange. It’s crazy to think someone around my age owned that record as part of the fan club in the 60s, and the joy of it is continuing to be experienced over 50 years later.
A few days after Christmas, I went to a local record fair and music shop, and got carried away and bought a lot of additions to this start of a collection. That collection has now grown to 86 records, and will definitely continue to grow!