The Beatles – Rubber Soul (Mono)

I got this with a lot of other Mono Beatles from my Mother – who i thought had the worst taste in music growing up. My Dad and Uncle (on my mothers side) were the biggest influences on my musical tastes. About 25 years ago in my 20’s I went from buying CD’s back to buying my music on Vinyl. It was then my parents dug out there record collection from the garage and gave it to me. It was full of Led Zep, Beach Boys, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Cat Stevens etc which my dad told me it was really all his, except The Beatles they were my mothers from before they met, and unfortunately they were all in Mono as she couldn’t afford them in stereo when she was a teen! I absolutely love listening to them, to me now it doesn’t feel right listening to The Beatles without the all the crackles and pops in Mono!