The Beatles Rubber Soul 1965 Mono

I collected, acquired and “borrowed” quite a few of my mother’s old records she owned when she was growing up (complete with her maiden name written on the covers) as I has a fair collection myself. Im into funk/jazz and world music but she had alot of old Rolling Stones, Beatles and some old soul albums as well. There was alot of records she had that I did prefer to The Beatles Rubber Soul but this one looked like it had quite a fair few plays including light scratches, fingerprints, possibly wine stains, etc… all over the vinyl. It looked rough and sounded a bit harsh but the Beatles magic psychedelic pop tunes came through and surprisingly the record played all the way through OK the first time I played it only a few years ago. I am familiar with this record but my Mum’s copy felt like alot of her history being remembered. I can see her with friends, back home in New Zealand, young and wild, partying at home, drinking wine and listening to this album up loud back in the day… I’ll never clean this one. Have to keep my mother’s history alive through this special piece of vinyl.