The Beatles Beat LP

The Beatles Beat is a German Compilation Album. The original release of this record was in the early 1960s under the Odeon label. At the time, it was only available in Germany. I was still a school kid and lived in Berlin then. This record, Release Number O83692, was a present from my parents for Christmas. I was at this time already a fan of the Beatles and the Stones. I had to beg for the record pretty hard as my father was against “that type of music” as he enjoyed Deutsche Schlager Music. The joy was great when I found this record under the Christmas tree. This record was the foundation of my rather extensive collection of vinyl and in later years also CD’s. As you see in the picture, this record sits in a frame hanging on the wall honoured as “My Very First LP Record”. I also possess a picture with my grandparents sitting under the Christmas tree and the record is visible in the background. For me it is the most important piece in my collection. Not very valuable in monetary terms but priceless in regards to its history.