The Art of the Prima Ballerina

Every Sunday morning our elderly German neighbour would play his classical records and German Oomph Music really loud. We always had a laugh but in general the music wasn’t to bad. There were times we would seem like we were in competition with each other. I’m sure he would have hated The Ramones, Placebo and the Lime Spiders. Unfortunately he got to the stage that he moved in with his Daughter. So I was taking the dog out for a walk on a Saturday afternoon just before it looked like it was going to pour. Out the front of his house in a pile of rubbish was his record collection. There were around 15 records all like the ones in the picture. Well…I couldn’t let them be thrown away there were to may enjoyable Sunday mornings. So grabbed them all and they now sit within our record collection. He and his wife were great neighbours often dropping German treats over. 🙂