Thai Elephant Orchestra – yes, really

Elephants in the Thai jungle playing specially designed musical instruments. The elephants improvise the music themselves. The Thai Elephant Orchestra was co-founded by Richard Lair of the Thai Elephant Conservation Center in Lampang and performer/composer Dave Soldier. This is the first vinyl pressing and includes new liner notes from Dave Soldier. ART FOR ALL SPECIES! SIDE A 01 Three Renats, Gong, Thundersheet 02 Diddley Bow, Two Renats, Khene, Gong, Thundersheet 03 Renats, Diddley Bow, Bass Drum, Synthesizer, Thundersheet 04 Reed, Two Renats, Gong, Synthesizer 05 Two Renats 06 Diddley Bow, Slit Drums, Harmonica, Khene, Thundersheet, Gong 07 Pitch Pipe, Renat, Slit Drums, Diddley Bow SIDE B 01 Bass Drum, Gong, Thundersheet 02 Diddley Bow, Slit Drums 03 Two Harmonicas, Khene, Bass Drum, Tom-Tom, Gong, Diddley Bow 04 Three Renats, Slit Drum 05 Renat, Two Slit Drums, Gong, Thundersheet 7 INCH 01 Two Renats, Thundersheet, Bass Drum 02 Elephant Field Recordings.

LP and 7″.