Suburban Songbook released on vinyl by Bob Evans for Record Store Day

In translucent ‘sunny yellow’ in homage to ‘all those Western Australian afternoons spent conceiving the record alone in the back sunroom of my house’ the 2006 hit album Suburban Songbook is finally on vinyl and launched on Record Store Day 2019. 180g. Of course.

Bob Evans says: You guys know the importance of this record for me. I recorded it in Nashville with Brad Jones after 2 years of demoing it in the sunroom of my Perth home. The following year the first single released from it, “Don’t You Think it’s Time?” became the biggest song of my career to date and the album ended up going Gold in Australia, as well as allowing me to tour in the UK, US, Spain and South Africa. “Suburban Songbook” is a watershed album that represents a turning point in my life, where my career as a musician and my personal life intertwined and set me off on a brand new course. I always imagined this album and it’s cover art in the form of a traditional vinyl release, so you can probably imagine how proud I am to finally see it come to life all of these years later!