Shiny Shiny by Haysi Fantayzee 1983

I remember the day in ‘83 when I walked into the Record Store, as if it were yesterday. I had spotted it sitting proudly in the “New Releases’ rack. I made a beeline for the counter. It was like finding black gold. In my possession was the 12# single ‘Shiny Shiny’ by Haysi Fantayzee. On the charts it had already reached number 16 with a bullet. I had seen them the week before on Countdown and was totally blown away by their look and sound. Back in my bedroom and without hesitation, I ripped down my Blondie poster and replaced it with this bizarre British new wave band. I told everyone that they were totally grouse. Funny thing is I still love the song and whilst technically one hit wonders (‘John Wayne is Big Leggy’ limped away without much fuss) they will always be huge stars to me.