Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band

As a 14 year old growing up in Dublin in the early eighties I visited a family friends home for dinner. The ladies in question had immigrated from Liverpool to Dublin and had brought a very impressive collection of vinyl (and stories) with them. While playing records and discussing music Edwina (one of the said ladies) pointed to a picture frame on the wall which contained a piece of paper signed (To Edwina) by all 4 of The Beatles. at this point my youthful mouth opened and said aloud ” when you die can you leave that to me in your will”. to cut a long story short, Edwina passed away 5 years ago and on my next visit home her sister Carys handed me a package and said, Edwina wanted you have these. The package contained the picture frame and the 4 signatures of The Beatles along with a few original vinyl records including of course SPLHCB, both are very treasured possessions of mine that I treat with the respect they deserve. (see photo for record and picture) RIP Edwina.