Sesame Street Fever (1978)

Ok – this is definitely not one for the audiophiles, but definitely my ‘first’!

Growing up in the 80’s (regional QLD – poor radio reception), my parents had a pretty decent vinyl collection, Beatles, Seekers, Beach Boys – you get the drift. From the time I was tall enough to reach the player, I was shown how to play them (and reset the needle as soon as it finished playing)…

So as you can imagine, this record went ‘missing’ quite often (much to my despair)!

Unfortunately as vinyl was being ‘superseded’ with CDs at that time, they ended up getting rid of most of their collection, but since this ‘missing’ album was tucked away (in the depths of the wardrobe never to be found by disgruntled 4 year old), it was ‘found’ many years later while moving!

Now I’m wondering if those presents of Wiggles albums and musical instruments for my kids were to encourage their love of music… or payback?