RPM Marrickville: Stuart Coupe signing, online crate digging bookings, and COVID safeness

On RSD Drop August RPM in Marrickville (Sydney) will be continuing with the COVID safe business plan they’ve been following since 1 May.  This means 4 customers in the shop at a time.  In order to avoid people having to wait outside they are asking people to book with their online system which you can find here https://www.picktime.com/RPMRecords .They are open longer from 8am to 8pm so there are lots of time slots to choose from, each from between 15 to 30 minutes throughout the day.

Outside they are again thankful that Stuart Coupe who will be their guest, doing a book signing of his latest 2 books, Paul Kelly, The Man the Music and the Life in Between, just released on 28th July and Roadies released last year.

The café next door Archie and Kirk’s is opening on Saturday especially for RSD Drop and so will be offering a coffee and bacon and egg roll special while you wait for your appointment.

They also will be doing kerbside pickup if you would like to phone in on the day. There will be extra staff both inside and outside the shop.  Although bookings are preferred if you arrive without one it just means you may have to wait a bit until they can safely allow you into the shop with the new restrictions.

You will be asked to use hand sanitiser on entry and will need to give your contact details of course.  Masks are optional but all staff will be wearing them for your safety, though they do have some paper ones available if you would like one when you arrive, but it would be great if you had your own.  They have added 4 new upright stands this week so lots more room for all the new records.

Call on 02 9569 3465 to book if you have any trouble booking online.  They say they’re look forward to seeing everyone and celebrating the survival of indie record stores.