Rolling Stones – big hits (high tide and green grass)

I bought this very album in 1969 whilst still living in Berne Switzerland. I was 16 years old and had gotten myself a school holiday job working for the local council cleaning garbage bins parks and walking forest walkways collecting rubbish including dirty nappies and all other sorts of stuff that people throw away.
With my first pay I took the bus into the city and went to the GLOBUS department store where they had a record bar – remember them? The place where you look for the latest albums, hand it to the person behind the record bar and they put it on a record player. You then take the two speakers, they looked like two telephone handsets without the microphone piece, you put them to your ears and immerse yourself into the sounds of the record.
The record I chose was the “Rolling Stones – big hits (high tide and green grass)”. I listened to both sides twice – then bought it took the bus home and put it on my own record player, which by the way was connected to a UHER tape recorder with built in amplifiers that I used to record from a radio or play records.
I still own the same record today – still occasionally have it on my BRAUN PS-500 record player here in Australia and it still brings up those memories of the record bar – great days to be had !!