Rick Astley’s album “Whenever You Need Somebody” 1987

Rick Astley’s album “Whenever You Need Somebody” 1987
Bought this in first year uni and played it incessantly throughout my undergraduate days much to my family’s annoyance.
At home wasn’t enough – taped it and played it in the car.
Has sat idle for years since we no longer have a record player nor car cassette player.
How did we go against the chorus of the best track on this album?

Never gonna give you up – yes, still got you 34 years later
Never gonna let you down – oops shouldn’t have left you on the garage floor
Never gonna run around and desert you – and the garage floor is subject to flooding
Never gonna make you cry – sorry you might have wept or is that just rainwater?
Never gonna say goodbye – not yet but if we win a turntable we might play you again
Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you – to tell you the truth the cover is now quite warped through years of neglect but great memories of the 80s.