Record Store Day postponed to 20 June but save the date for other shenanigans on 18 April.

After much discussion, the internationally celebrated Record Store Day has decided to reschedule to Saturday 20 June 2020. The wonderful ROSS WILSON will continue as an ambassador for 2020.

In the meantime, Blake Budak, owner of Landspeed Records in Canberra and President of AMRA (which runs Record Store Day in Australia) said there are plans afoot to still find a way to celebrate indie music and indie music stores on the now vacated date of 18 April.

Budak said “The third Saturday in April is a hallowed day in the diary of all music fans and we don’t want to abandon that, but we are also very aware that we are not operating under normal conditions. So we are looking at how we can still safely celebrate indie music and indie record stores on our Day of Days. How we do that is the challenge, but with the support of the record companies and sponsors we expect to have a plan by early next week. So stay safe and stand by for more news.”

This means Record Store Day will run two months and two days later than originally scheduled. More ambassadors will be announced in due course.

This will be the 13th year of Record Store Day which is celebrated by more than 85,000 music lovers and 200 indie music stores around Australia, as well as millions of people worldwide.