Poison – Open Up and Say….Ahh!

I must have been 11 or 12 years old when my dad bought this record for me. I remember begging for it on a visit to our local Brashs. Poison had just toured Australia and they’d even reached the heady heights of a gig on Hey Hey It’s Saturday! They were big time. And to a boy from the suburbs, they were as bad to the bone as you could get, with their big hair and even bigger attitudes. I remember treasuring the swap cards that came free with the album, featuring my new favourite glam rockers amidst a bevy of scantily clad ‘nurses’ and ‘police officers’. I remember proudly showing off the bright green, limited edition pressing But above all I remember rocking it out to Your Mama Don’t Dance with the volume up high. While my vinyl collection has got a little more ‘sophisticated’ these days, Poison still finds pride of place in the collection and even makes it onto the turn table every now and again. And I’m still a sucker for coloured vinyl!