Pipes Of Peace by Paul McCartney

When I was a ten in 1983, my Primary School grade 5 class was making a film using Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” LP as the soundtrack to the film. On the album was the duet between Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney “The Girl Is Mine” which caught my attention more than any other song on the album. It was the first time I remember hearing Paul McCartney’s vocals and I was fascinated. I ask my teacher who the other vocalist was and she wrote down on a piece of paper Paul McCartney and the song “Say, Say, Say” suggesting that I should investigate further. I did not know who the Beatles, Wings or Paul McCartney at the time. My parents must of found the piece of paper in my school bag as I had totally forgot about the piece of paper with the song suggestion on it, so when I recieved the “Pipes Of Peace” album from Santa it was a wonderful surprise. It was through this album that I discovered the magic of my favourite artist Paul McCartney, Wings, the Beatles and eventually my second favourite artist John Lennon. This is not the oldest album in my collection, but it is the first album that I owned. It is still in a remarkably excellent condition for an LP owned and continually played by a 10/11 year old boy.