Peter, Paul & Mary – In the Wind (1963)

I have a good friend who’s father passed away in the last year. This man collected plenty of great records, much of which have now been boxed away. My friend however knowing that I had just reconditioned a turntable and was beginning my first collection of albums asked If I would like to select a few. I said I would be honoured too…however I could not make it to see the collection before my friend moved town. So my 11 year old daughter went with my wife and selected some albums she thought we would all like as a family. This was one of her choices, it gets played regularly, we love it and it’s an original pressing.
Personally I had never really listened to Peter, Paul & Mary before. I’m glad I did, they are great and I can see how much of an influence they had on the alternative/underground New York music scene of the 60s & 70s and beyond.