Peking Duk: Adam Hyde (A) and Reuben Styles (R)

Who is Peking Duk, the who’s who, and how the project came about?

A: We are an electronic duo from Canberra Australia. We both met at the skatepark and had a mutual love for music which blossomed into this project.

Your 7” Vinyl Single as part of RSD, is the first time you are releasing physical, why have you never released physical before and why are you pressing this release

R: as a massive lover of vinyl i’ve often wondered this hahahaha my local record store always ask when they get to stock some duk, supposedly they get requests quite a bit. I guess we simply haven’t made an album and a greatest hits feels kinda lame, 7” is sick so pretty stoked to do this one.

What was it like hearing your music on vinyl for the first time?

A: It’s a trip! A beautiful moment for sure.

How did you choose the featured singles; ‘Spend It’ feat. Circa Waves (Side A) and ‘I Want You’ feat. Darren Hayes (Side B).

R: the most 2 recent tracks are both very DJable so we thought it would work well for anyone’s crate playing parties.

Take us through recording with Darren Hayes in Santa Monica? Any key memories?

A: Darren is a true icon. He is hilarious but most of all an insanely talented gentlemen. It was surreal to record with him to say the least.

What Australian artists have influenced your approach to writing and creativity?

R: Darren Hayes, Daniel Johns, Kevin Parker and really the whole industry is pretty exciting creatively. In Australia no one wants to fit a particular mould. People always want to make things that sound interesting and unique. 

Continuing to create music from other sides of the world, tell us a little bit about your writing process? How does it change when you’re in the same city vs not?

A: A lot of the time we will cook ideas separately then come together and finesse if the idea is strong enough but it changes everytime so there are never any rules!

Do you remember the first time you performed live together as Peking Duk? (we want all the juicy details)

R: It was at kremlin lounge in canberra, a cocktail bar, we played for 6 hours and got sacked at the end. Supposedly the venue had a strict no dancing polkicy and we wanted everyone dancing so it didn’t quite work out.

One word you would use to describe being on stage?

A: Sweaty.

First piece of recorded music you purchased or gifted and do you remember where from?

R: Sanity in Civic, ACT, the first CD i bought with my own pocket money was the single for I Want You by savage garden, it was in a cardboard cover and had a b side track which i dont think ever made the album…. Was pretty special.

Where is your favourite store to go digging for records? Either in Australia or overseas?

A: I feel like America has some wild spots for vinyl shopping but the whole world always has something to offer!

Where will we find you on Record Store Day 2023? Instore? Record store?

R: In store in Gold Coast

Keep up to date with Peking Duk via their Website, and check out the details of their instore signing at #beatniks