Out of the Blue – ELO

I got this for Christmas 1978, my very first album. I still remember catching a glimpse of it being put in the boot of my Dad’s Toyota Cressida as I looked from the back seat through the small gap created when the boot was open. It was supposed to be a surprise. It had the cardboard spaceship, I loved it! Fast Fwd 5 years and I have sold my record collection, about 30 albums, to fund the pursuit of booze and women.

Over the last five years or so I have been buying copies of the records that made up that original collection.

About 12 months ago I managed to source a mint copy, with spaceship, of the version I think I had as a boy. I now live in Australia so I had to have a copy shipped from the UK.

When I got it, I was transported back to 1978, waiting in a locked car outside a cash and carry in Glasgow, with my two sisters. Cold but excited that our “Santa” gifts were being purchased that evening. 1970’s parenting at its best.

I still love the album, I have so many memories with Out of the Blue as the soundtrack. I used to be desperate to get home after school so that I could listen to it again. I even decided I wanted “jungle” to be played at my funeral! I was a seriously sad git, not that I have changed much.

Jeff Lynne, Richard Tandy, Ben Bevan and others, I once could name them all, made an incredible album. A majestic piece of timeless pop/rock.


Andrew Baxter