Other Voices The Doors

When I was moving out of my apartment, I had to toss some things out because there just wasn’t enough space in the truck. I noticed an old record player sitting by the bin. I always wanted to build myself a record collection and wondered if someone just tossed out a perfectly fine record player. At the time, I didn’t know how record players worked so for all I knew it couldn’t play a tune. So I looked up my local record store and carried the heavy thing awkwardly in my arms, hoping the record shop worker would know if it worked. The man working there was super helpful and showed me how to properly set it up. I picked out The Doors record to see if it would play. And It worked! I was totally amazed and grateful for the help as I was so clueless. The record reminds me of how I lucked out on a free record player and started my journey to building my record collection.