Oldest Record Competition Entries

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Pink Floyd Dark side of the moon

I got gifted this record from my dad, it was the first record i ever got and is what started my collection. It isn’t that old being 1973 although it was very special to him being one of his first. I am slowly trying to build my collection up

Alive! By KISS

I got Alive! from my Father’s collection, it always fascinated from when I was a kid, from the front cover to the classic Kiss songs, it’s definitely my favourite Kiss album. Can’t wait to share this with my daughters when they are older.

Electric Light Orchestra – Milestones – E.L.O. 1 / E.L.O. 2

The oldest record in my collection is this double album from Electric Light Orchestra. For years, I’ve been hunting down all the ELO vinyls out in the wild, visiting one record store after another to complete my collection. In all my searching, I never came across either of their first two albums – two of my very favourites! I gave up hope and decided to bite the bullet and just buy the re-released vinyl of the second album brand new. Lo and behold, I get to the record store to make my purchase, and what do I find? This beautiful double album packaging the first two albums together in a 1977 release! It may not be the oldest, but I’m so happy to have copies of these two albums complete with their authentic 70s sound.

Tommy James and the Shondells – Hanky Panky 1966

This 1966 LP belonged to my late father Jeff and is one of his many Tommy James albums that I inherited. I was born towards the end of the next decade and given the names Tommy James. Perhaps it was just coincidence that both my grandfathers were named Thomas and James. I’ve kept the record in its sleeve away from dust and have never played it. One day soon I hope to hear it while remembering dad and his love for great music records.

Smokey Robinson & the miracles 1965/6 double A side ‘tears of a clown’ & ‘tracks of my tears’

Always had a great love of Motown and this was in my mother’s stack along with others which made their way to my collection over many many years. She did take it back on a few occasions however I soon got her mind off it and returned it to rejoin my Motown/ northern soul collection. As far as I am aware this 45 double A side must be about the best double sided that has ever been produced

Willie Nelson Stardust

This is my first record. It was my dads, and when I was a kid, I
loved listening to it and how different the sound of a vinyl was. This inspired me to eventually start my own record collection, and of course own my own copy of Stardust

The Glenn Miller Story

My neighbor heard me listening to music and gave me to crates from her late father. This came along with some awesome Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd originals.

Led Zeppelin’s Physical Graffiti 1975

My daughter was raising money for a children’s charity by selling donated items at a market. She had quite a few items left at the end of the day and we were not sure what to do with them. So I made a large donation and purchased them all. Amongst the items was the Physical Graffiti album by Led Zeppelin. It is an original 1975 album and has never been taken out of the plastic.
I have kept the album as it is in such good condition. It also reminds me of one of my daughter’s many kind-hearted gestures.

Frank Sinatra – ‘Songs for Swingin’ Lovers’

My grandparents moved from the UK to Australia in the late sixties as part of the ‘Ten Pound Pom’ migration scheme. They could bring barely anything with them, leaving almost their entire lives behind. My grandad, a lifelong jazz fan, managed to sneak through this record – Frank Sinatra’s classic ‘Songs for Swingin’ Lovers!’ From what I can tell, it’s an original British pressing from 1956, catalogue number LCT 6106.

It’s since been passed down through the family, from grandad to my mother (who, as a toddler, was responsible for the horror-inducing tear on the front cover) and from her to me. We don’t have a lot of heirlooms or traditions in our family, but one thing that all three of our generations share is a love of jazz. My mother grew up listening to Sinatra and the big bands via my grandad, but discovered jazz that she loved all of her own. Similarly, I was brought up on Sinatra when the time came, which led to me exploring jazz for myself, and a lifelong obsession with music of all kinds.

So yes, as far as I know, this is the oldest record I own. Not that it’s for playing these days, degraded as it is with years of repeated plays and small bits of the cover falling away. But it’s perfect as it is; a memory of a life my grandparents left behind to start anew, a relic of my family, a reminder of my grandad. It is, in all senses of the phrase, A Loved Thing. Also, it’s just a wonderful album, with Sinatra in full hip, swinging fashion, accompanied perfectly by the lush orchestrations of Nelson Riddle.

In short, it is, in all ways, perfect.

Elvis Presley – Elvis Presley (Rock n roll) First press HMV 1956 UK

My uncle bought it brand new early 1957 when it first came out in the UK, he then gifted it to my father when he got rid of his record collection in early 80’s, my father had it till he died in 2019. I picked it out of his collection with a few other gems. It’s not really my type of thing But I have played it & totally enjoyed the mono classics on this hunk of plastic but I think it is single handedly the most important LP of modern music times.
I’m feel honoured to own this LP & its iconic art work of a sleeve.

Madonna Like A Prayer

I was 9 years old and the local Goulburn radio station were broadcasting from a van in the mall to celebrate the towns Birthday. I won this record by singing Happy Birthday to Goulburn live on air.