Oldest Record Competition Entries

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The Beatles Rubber Soul 1965 Mono

I collected, acquired and “borrowed” quite a few of my mother’s old records she owned when she was growing up (complete with her maiden name written on the covers) as I has a fair collection myself. Im into funk/jazz and world music but she had alot of old Rolling Stones, Beatles and some old soul albums as well. There was alot of records she had that I did prefer to The Beatles Rubber Soul but this one looked like it had quite a fair few plays including light scratches, fingerprints, possibly wine stains, etc… all over the vinyl. It looked rough and sounded a bit harsh but the Beatles magic psychedelic pop tunes came through and surprisingly the record played all the way through OK the first time I played it only a few years ago. I am familiar with this record but my Mum’s copy felt like alot of her history being remembered. I can see her with friends, back home in New Zealand, young and wild, partying at home, drinking wine and listening to this album up loud back in the day… I’ll never clean this one. Have to keep my mother’s history alive through this special piece of vinyl.

1963 copy of Tchaikovsky’s Sleeping Beauty and Swan Lake

The record was found at a market 10 years ago. It’s not the oldest record in terms of ownership would be Split Enz True Colours album. The first record I ever owned. I got that as a prezzy from big sis way back in 1983. It’s a bit battle-scarred but still plays well.

Jean Michel Jarre – Oxygene

In 2015 my girlfriend and I went on our first trip to France to meet my family. On our last night with the family, we had a traditional French diner. 5 courses, lots of wine and of course bread. My father pulled out the records in a bid to impress my girlfriend. He played Jean Michel Jarre all night. It was a great night that sparked my interest in records. When we got home I found the record tucked away in our baggage. My father said that he snuck it into our bag as a reminder of our first visit and the fun night that was.

Led Zeppelin

This is an original that i got from my Dad. Sadly we didn’t have much to do with each other , but after getting this a few other records from him after his death. I realised where I got my love of music from.

ZZtop Afterburner

After being brought up on cassettes and graduating to cds it wasn’t until I hooked up with my now wife that I started collecting vinyl. Afterburner was the first vinyl I ever bought. I found this record at a market and picked it up for next to nothing.

Poltergeist 2 Soundtrack

When I was a child my grandma would put on a family movie to watch with me as we sipped hot milo. Generally, her idea of family movies were horror movies. The poltergeist movies were some of her favourites. After she passed away I was in a second-hand opshop and I found this gem. This was the first record I ever bought, and it was the beginning of my collection which is mostly made up of soundtracks.

Hot August Night

I was working my first full time job, in January 1975. Receiving my first pay packet, (an actual packet with cash in it) the following week, my first stop was Palings Music store where I purchased Neil Diamond’s double live album Hot August Night. It seemed at the time that every household had a copy of the album. My first pay was a total of $38, whilst I don’t recall the exact amount I paid for the album I know it was more than half of my pay. It was an enormously popular album staying in the Australian charts for years. Diamond was a prolific songwriter for himself as well as other artist, the double album was a great showcase of his songbook. I play it today and it takes me back to those days in the 70’s, when vinyl was king.

A pub with no beer.

For my 50th Birthday my kids bought me a new record player so I could play all my Albums I collected as a teenager/ young adult. I forgot all about my milk crete full of vinyl records Kiss , The Angles, Aussie Crawl, Mondo Rock, Cold chisel and more, including all the various artist Lps from 1980-1990.
Like most of us I moved onto CD but getting the new Record player, it renewed my collection passion and now I am a crazy Album fair and Record Shop purchaser .
Any way my parents found out about my LP collection and have just given me all of my Great Grandfathers bakerlight record collection. All in His Masters Voice Album folder along with his prize possession a working, wind up 78 speed Portable Gramophone in a mint leather case.
I have wound it up,dropped the stylis and played all his collection. Just love the sounds, texture and smell of playing any vinyl record.
Everything Old is new Again!
Love the memories it brings back.


I purchased this gem in January 1984 at Chandlers in Mackay for $27.95.
It is a limitef edition released pror to the police Australian leg of the Syncronicity world tour. It is red coloured Vinyl. I purchased the Blue and yellow versions later in life but this gem is the most special to me as I purchased it brand new and no one else has owned it. The red copies are rare,so in 1993 I framed the record itself.

The Cockroaches

This is from my oldest 80’s record, and would you believe its the Field brothers pre “wiggles” day!!! The funniest thing …….i got it from a car boot sale in Blacktown held at the drive in many moons ago. It just caught my eye LOL . The kids think its funny to hear them perform rock songs in a non wiggly way .

The Beatles – Please Please Me (1963)

The Beatles first album 1963 – A few years ago I found it at a garage sale and paid 50 cents for it amongst a few other records. The packaging was a little damaged but vinyl was in perfect condition. Googled it when I got home and found out it was the 2nd pressing of the record and worth quite a penny, although I’d never sell it. Unfortunately can’t play it at the moment as my cheap Aldi record player died when moving house in December.