Oldest Record Competition Entries

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My very first album bought for me by my Mum when I was 3. So that I would have an album of my own to practice with while I learned how to use the record player…it has hardly a scratch!

John Lennon- Imagine

I may own older records, however this is the one that started my collection.
At age 19 I was just starting to delve in depth into the deeper Beatles and their solo works, which sparked my intrigue into collecting records.
I asked my dad if he owned records when he was young and if he had any left to start my collection. He said he didn’t have many but if they were still around they’d be at my grandmothers house. When I finally got around to searching for them, I only found one amongst the few that had endured the years. John Lennon’s Imagine.
Turns out my dad had bought this record when he was around my age when I started, taking the same dive into the music that had kicked off my record collecting. And that’s why it is my most treasured record.

All the Best – Elvis Presely

This was my mum’s vinyl and all of my early childhood memories involve my mum listening to this when we were at home or when I was little helping her with housework etc.

My mum gave this vinyl to me before she passed away last year and although this isnt my oldest vinyl (I have a cabinet of 78s also from my mum) or my most expensive, this is by far the most valuable to me.

Bob Marley LIVE

15 yrs old(1983), working i@ Colemart Whyalla, on a Saturday morning, I could hear a song being played at the record section, I asked the Lad who was behind the counter what he was playing, he showed me this Album – ” wow how cool does he look” was my response, Saturday was pay day, ..got my $$, and went promptly bought it, been a fan ever since, ..54 yrs young this year.

The Beatles / 1962-1966 (aka the “Red Album”)

I grew up in Canada and in 1973, When I was seven I discovered pop music. Previously pretty oblivious due in part to the family’s radio tuned to the typical middle of the road FM station that played a spectrum of adult acceptable music. This, of course, could range from classical to light jazz, with an occasional vocalist thrown in. I’m not sure how but In the second grade I discovered the sound of The Beatles. With that I became aware of beautiful looking red album with all their hits. I began to covet this album as only a 7 year old could – desirous and impatient. I had to have it. I pestered my parents that this would be the ultimate Christmas gift for 1973. I’m not sure my parents paid much attention. However, as Christmas approached I received a card from my Nan in the UK with a 1 pound note. Thrilled, my Mother got it exchanged for 10 Canadian dollars and said I could spend it when we went Christmas shopping in the City next week. Could this be my musical deliverance?
So on Saturday, December 8 1973 we traveled by trolley bus to downtown Vancouver where I saw that red album in the Granville Street Woolworths. $8.49 and it was mine. Thank you Nan.
I played that record constantly to the point of almost wearing it out. I played it as a teenager when being a Beatles fan seemed passé to the expected teenage acceptance of the harder, “cooler” rock music sounds of AC/DC and it’s fashion of black T-shirts.
On a different December 8 it was the first thing I played when I heard that John Lennon had been killed.
When I eventually shipped all my records to Australia it was the first album I dug out of the packing crate on put in the turntable. As all good records it has the power to transport you back to a time of personal innocence and youthful possibility.

The breakers ’83

Whilst now technically not the oldest record pressing i have, its the oldest in terms of how long I’ve had it. This was my first ever personally owned vinyl. It was a present for my 13th Birthday in 1983 from my Aunty. It introduced me to ‘The Cure’ and started my love affair with that band, beginning the collection of their material seen in the background of the image.

Rubber Soul

My Dad, who was originally from Liverpool travelled to Australia via an old van, motorcycle and boat and picked up this album while over there. It was one of the few things he managed to bring back after he had “a bit of a big night” when almost all of the way home he jumped off a fountain in Barcelona and snapped his Achilles tendon. My Grandad paid for a flight home for him and walked right past him at Liverpool airport as his appearance had changed so much over the course of nearly two years. This is despite my dad clearly hobbling and calling out “Dad!” As my Grandad walked past him. I play it quite often and it’s still in pretty good condition considering the journey it’s been through.

Iron Maiden – The Number of the Beast

I picked this up for $1 in a second hand shop as a teenager in 2001! I was already an Iron Maiden fan and had the album on cd, and as one of the biggest draws for Iron Maiden is their amazing artwork, having a vinyl copy was just the best. It was an old beat up original press, but played without skipping on my parents old hi fi system. This is what started my love for vinyl. I now have a collection, including a re-released version of Number of the Beast and everything else Iron Maiden!