Oldest Record Competition Entries

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Kate Bush was my teenage escapism from a strict classical musical home. Saw her..loved her. She took me to my first record shop. An amazing adventure. And there it was up on display….I happily handed over $16.99 of my collection of $1 & $2 notes that I had saved for a special day. The best feeling in the world as I bought my first record. I quickly walked the 5km back home. But was disappointed to see my father was home which meant I couldn’t listen to my Kate as no One was permitted to use his record player apart from him and my older sister and especially not for non classical music. Luckily the next morning my parents went out. I showed my sister my new album and begged her to play it for me….she agreed and the sound of Kate came to life on that Sunday morning. Even now The Kick Inside transports me to the first vinyl experience. Now this album is still my very very favourite . Who would have guessed. 💖🎶🎶💖🎶🎶💖🎶🎶

The Beatles Beat LP

The Beatles Beat is a German Compilation Album. The original release of this record was in the early 1960s under the Odeon label. At the time, it was only available in Germany. I was still a school kid and lived in Berlin then. This record, Release Number O83692, was a present from my parents for Christmas. I was at this time already a fan of the Beatles and the Stones. I had to beg for the record pretty hard as my father was against “that type of music” as he enjoyed Deutsche Schlager Music. The joy was great when I found this record under the Christmas tree. This record was the foundation of my rather extensive collection of vinyl and in later years also CD’s. As you see in the picture, this record sits in a frame hanging on the wall honoured as “My Very First LP Record”. I also possess a picture with my grandparents sitting under the Christmas tree and the record is visible in the background. For me it is the most important piece in my collection. Not very valuable in monetary terms but priceless in regards to its history.

The Best of ABBA

My dad absolutely loved ABBA back in the day and so when I asked for a record player for my 30th birthday he gave me this record as a gift. I remember when we were little kids he used to play it all the time so when I listen to it now it brings back great happy memories.

Queen – News of the World

I was browsing my local retro games store and I noticed they had a section for vinyl records. Records had always intrigued me, though I hadn’t pulled the trigger on collecting yet. I decided to peruse their selection, and I happened upon 3 albums I knew and enjoyed, including this 1977 original Australian release of News of the World for only $40! For an original pressing in pretty damn good condition, I thought this was a steal! I managed to grab a low tier record player while I was at the store, and now roughly a year later my collection spans 67 LPs, some EPs, and a couple 7″ singles, with no intent to stop anytime soon!

The Beatles Third Christmas Record

The Beatles may have split up 36 years before I was born, but that doesn’t stop me from being absolutely obsessed with them. Last year for Christmas, I hoped I would get a few things Beatle related, and I was delighted to see some record shaped presents under the tree. I didn’t own any records at the time, so I was ecstatic to see one of those record shapes presents was for me. I unwrapped it and was absolutely stoked. It was The Beatles Christmas message from 1965 that was given exclusively to members of the fan club!
We spun it that Christmas, and it was so beautifully strange. It’s crazy to think someone around my age owned that record as part of the fan club in the 60s, and the joy of it is continuing to be experienced over 50 years later.
A few days after Christmas, I went to a local record fair and music shop, and got carried away and bought a lot of additions to this start of a collection. That collection has now grown to 86 records, and will definitely continue to grow!

Penny Lane (EP)

Since my journey down the Beatles rabbithole began when I was 11, Penny Lane has always been my favourite song of theirs. Something about the ethereal nature of the song mesmerised me, and opened me up to a whole other world of music composed 40 years prior to my

Every time my Beatlemaniac little sister and I stumble across a record store, I have a routine of searching through every single/EP whilst she scouts the LPs. Anything I find that I think would spark her interest I put aside to show her. Every time I spy the Parlophone logo, the single is quick to be taken aside. I have never been as heavily invested in record collecting as my sister, but I’d always told myself that if I were to ever find the Strawberry Fields/Penny Lane single I’d make an exception.

It was during the summer holidays just passed, 5 years after first falling in love with the song, that I stumbled across the Penny Lane EP. I couldn’t believe my luck – the record is in perfect condition, still has its sleeve, and it didn’t even occur to me that I’d find the EP before the single. I was quick to purchase it – here it is pictured outside (a different) Penny Lane, one I had often passed whilst singing the song.

Hopefully someday I’ll have the time and money to expand my record collection further, but in the meantime this is my most treasured of my small collection for the joy its title song has brought me for years and will continue to for many more.

Magical Mystery Tour by The Beatles

I received this vinyl on my 15th birthday (during a period where I was an obsessive Beatles stan) from my parents along with a cheap record player. I was SO excited by this gift because I was one of those kids who believed I was “born in the wrong decade”. Today it is probably one of the better gifts I have ever received and the gateway to an ever-growing vinyl collection. However, because the record player was cheap, it broke within a year of owning it, now I cant play ANY of my vinyls unfortunately :(. In addition, wanting to display my vinyls in my room, I stupidly stuck the cover of this one on the wall using double-sided tape, little did I know the tape does not in fact come off. I suppose this vinyl will remain a part of my life forever…🤷🏻‍♀️

The Happy Prince – The La De Das

‘The Happy Prince’ is my father’s (and uncle’s) favourite record from when they were kids; a wonderful retelling and interpretation of Oscar Wilde’s story of the same name. The album features narration of the original story by Australian poet Adrian Rawlins, and songs inspired by it from New Zealand’s ‘The La De Das’. It’s considered to be NZ/Australia’s first concept album.

It was released in 1969, when dad would have been four. He loved it so much growing up that many years later he paid a ridiculous amount of money to have it remastered professionally from this very vinyl by Neville Clark at Diskedits in Bowden, Adelaide. Way too much to spend for a relic from the 60’s, but I don’t think he’s ever regretted it. Neville did an amazing job.

Since I’ve had a record player, which is about 18 years now, dad has entrusted this record to me for safe keeping. I’m a little bit scared to play it actually, lest I scratch or drop it. I’ll bring it out for a special listen sometimes with the old boy.

Dad hasn’t had a record player for years now, but if I win a prize here that might change. I think he’d have a lot of fun listening to it again on vinyl and the record would be back with its original owner. Nice to have a story with a happy ending.

Happy Birthday Age 6

It was 1958. I turned 6 in May, and what did my Auntie Ivy give me? A round black thing with a hole in the middle. The cover read ‘Today you are 6 Happy Birthday’. It was my very first record. Pressed by W&G Records. It was the absolute beginning of a life-long love of all things vinyl. I have many, hundreds of records in my collection, some worth several hundred dollars each, but that birthday record to me is priceless … I still have it. I do play it on occasions, just to annoy the kids. Thanks Auntie Ivy!

Lillian Roth – I’ll Cry Tomorrow (1957)

My Nan, when not threatening me with death, has been threatening to die herself for as long as I can remember. She still hasn’t managed either of those feats, though she has managed to inflict me with bits from her vast collection of show tunes records over the years.

This one is the oldest of the bunch she was willing to part with, and while it’s no Sketches of Spain some of the jazz arrangements are quite pretty and in any case – it reminds me of my Nan so I love it.

With the Beatles (1963)

My brother purchased this album back when it was released in late 1963. It was the very first LP in the family. I was seven at the time and it was the beginning of my life long love affair with the Beatles and was a big influence in my musical appreciation journey. Sadly my brother passed away at 32 and I inherited this album along with his entire and considerable Beatles Collection. My 24 year old daughter is already laying claim to it so hopefully it will become something of a family heirloom to be passed down.

Tool – Opiate

When I bought my record player I told myself that I would only buy records that were not available to stream. And I love TOOL & realized that I would start with their first EP – Opiate. This is how my vinyl journey began.

Today I own all their albums plus a hundred other records.