Oldest Record Competition Entries

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Pink Floyd – Another Brick In The Wall Part 2 – 7 inch

I have a friend who is English and he was moving house. He moves in and says to me, I have my old record collection out do you want to have a look? (He’s about 15 years my senior). So we started flicking through them, mostly obscure English bands from the 70’s and 80’s, lots of Iron Maiden etc. I spot this 7inch and have a look and am surprised to see it’s a 1979 press of The Wall.
I’m pretty surprised and he just looks at me and goes “it’s yours, take it. I know you appreciate this stuff and it’s better in your hands then getting all dusty in a box at my place.” I wasn’t quite sure what to say but it’s a great little thing to have and was a very generous gift from him.
It’s the oldest record I own by a number of years!

Blondie – Parallel Lines (1979)

They say you never forget your first love and, for me, my first love was Blondie.

As a 14 year old teenager my only source of income was from delivering newspapers in our village and so it was from this work that I was able to purchase my first vinyl, Blondie’s Parallel Lines which was huge in 79 from singles like Sunday Girl, Hanging On The Telephone and Heart of Glass – all of which bought and still own; along with all of their original albums.

So this LP started my love of the band, love of collecting records and Blondie was the first band I ever saw live (1980), igniting a love for live music that continues 40 odd years later with both established and emerging artists.

An important record and perhaps even the most influential item in my collection.

Haim. Women in music part 3

I always wanted a vinyl record. I didn’t know what album to get is my first one until I heard this record. I bought the vinyl record and it was a good year and a half later until I got my first record player

Ramones – Leave home

I came across this masterpiece as a no good 13 year old (26 years ago)… it was hanging up on the wall of rocking horse records (brisbane).. it contains the song carbona not glue.. which was later removed from the album!

Stevie Wonder – Innervisions

When I finally realised a long time dream of owning a record player and starting to collect vinyl, my parents (who are in their 60’s) decided to pass on some of their small collection that they had acquired over a period of 40 or so years. This version of “Innervisions” is inscribed with a note in the top left corner of the cover. The note is from my auntie and uncle to my Dad, who received the album as a gift for Christmas in 1974. It blows my mind that I now own and continue to play this album 47 years later! And what a ripping listen it is, still to this day! This is why I love records… the history and story behind the physical object makes it an incomparable musical experience.

Bobby Gentry “Ode To Billie Joe”

I heard it on 3 A.K. Melbourne. Stan Rofe was the d.j. Listened every Sunday night while studying at Uni.
Though it may not get played much these days It remains a staple in my collection.
Truly a trailblazer and a complete new genre for women.

Boston Pops / Earl Wild – Rhapsody in Blue (1967)

Not strictly the oldest in my collection by age alone (1967), but it is the oldest in so far as being the first record I can remember listening to (on my old man’s gramophone cabinet) and the first that I added to my own collection (I essentially pilfered it from my old man’s collection due to how often I listened to it).

This record introduced me to Gershwin as a child and played a big part in my musical journey, opened my ears up to new auditory worlds, was a gateway to discovering all the great composers that came before him and cemented my lifelong love for orchestral music.

It also has sentimental value to me as it connects me to memories of my father and serves as a reminder that even people that are vastly different to each other can often find a common bond through music!

The Beatles Greatest Hits Volume 2

This isn’t actually the OLDEST Beatles album I own, but it was the first!
I first started liking their music after watching the old Beatles cartoons on a Saturday morning. Then one day when I was in Wollongong near a second hand record Store at the age of 14 and with $4 worth of shrapnel in my pocket, I spotted this album and bought it.
I flogged it to death, then over the next 40 years collected approximately 300 more!
It has great sentimental value, but I can’t play it anymore. I broke my back, sold my old floor stereo (among other things) to make ends meet (I can’t work anymore).
A new turntable would be awesome.

The Gaylords Sing American Hits In Italian (1961)

I bought this record from a fantastic second hand record store in Ann Arbor Michigan, Wazoo records, sometime around in the 1990s. I was involved in the community radio station there, WCBN, and I hosted a free form show there on Wednesday mornings. I love novelty songs so was always on the lookout for funny, quirky things to play on my show. This record of a Italian/American group out of Detroit playing straight versions of 1950s songs but with Italian lyrics somehow strikes me as absolutely hilarious, especially when they throw in the odd English bits like “itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini”. It’s such a strange juxtaposition with the 1950s American songs that your brain expects to hear in English, plus its just super up-beat. Always makes me smile.

The Beatles – A Hard Day’s Night 45

I turned 5 years old on 4th September, 1964. The Beatles had visited Australia a few months earlier, and my older brother had taken me to see their movie A Hard Day’s Night at the local cinema, so I was a already a huge fan. My only request for my 5th birthday was a copy of my favourite Beatles single, which I was very excited to receive. It kicked off a life-long obsession with music and record collecting, and that single is now in a frame, taking pride of place in my music room.

Great Trucking Songs of the Renaissance

Bought this at Virgin Megastore Bourke Street in 1992 on a friend’s recommendation. Probably the greatest album from TISM, one of Australia’s all time premier acts. No hyperbole.

Highlight – And the Ass Said to the Angel: Wanna Play Kick to Kick?

I still feel sorry for that guy