Oldest Record Competition Entries

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Yamaha Superstar! (1972)

Found this gem about 15 years ago in a record store in Wollongong. Pulled out an old Yamaha PSR keyboard and jammed along to the organ jazz funk covers with friends!

My Lonely Boudoir

My late grandmother left me her record collection. This one is from around 1957 Hong Kong. She was hipper than we thought and must have also been an Elvis fan. We play this when we have retro parties.

Hearts Album Little Queen

I was on holidays and found a little pop up thrift store type thing and they had and box of records, but it was unfortunately empty so I kept looking around and out of the corner of my eye I saw the cover of the record under a pile of other things, my dad originally told me I couldn’t get it because I didn’t own a record player but I didn’t care because I had always wanted it, so he finally let me get it, I was so excited and I love it so much that I still haven’t played it!

Sesame Street Fever

I got this record in 1979 or 1980. I had learned to read by the time I was three years old by watching Sesame Street, so my parents were very supportive of this show and accompanying media. Many years later I realized that this album is a slamming, funky disco record with Sly Stone-esque reinterpretations of classic Sesame Street tunes.

From Liverpool – The Beatles Box

I was at a local flea market and scored a doubled header – the Beatles Box Set and a Bagel Egg Burber. And the bagel cost more than the record! The record is a 1980 release that includes classics like “Love Me Do” and “Twist and Shout”.

JEBEDIAH Leaving Home 1998

In 1998 I was 14yrs old, LOVED local band Jebediah and going to their gigs at UWA was my favourite thing to do! August 30th 1998 (a week before my 15th birthday) my family was in a massive car accident with a semi trailer, that crossed the wrong side of Toodyay road ploughing head on into our tarago van at 110km. The car was on fire, my mum was trapped (with both arms and legs broken and a slipped disk in her back), my dad was also trapped (with a broken leg, broken hand and burns up one of his legs), my older sister (bruised internal organs) & younger sister and brother all got out – I couldn’t (I didnt know at the time but I had broke my spine in 2 places & those 2 vertebrae had come apart and were side by side… They didnt think id walk again but the spinal cord somehow stayed in tact by some miracle and 3 months later I walked).
Anyway, we were all in different hospitals over those next 3 months with our different injuries. I was at Shenton Park spinal unit… for my 15th birthday- that I spent there in hospital- my aunty rang uwa & told them about our accident, my birthday coming up & how much I loved Jebediah… Uwa got intouch with Jebediah and for my birthday Kev Mitchell came and visited me at Shenton Park & gave me these records as birthday present! Im now 36, so Ive had these records for 21years & I still think about how lucky I was and how awesome that was of Kevin Mitchell! 🙂
Leaving Home was my favourite because being 14, I couldnt wait to be an adult and leave home!! Hahaha. Will keep these forever. My own kids even love them now and think Kevin Mitchell is awesome all these years later & tell all their mates the story of “how the guy from Jebediah visited their mum in hospital and gave her some old records when she was a kid and had a broken back from a car accident” 🙂

Michael Jackson Souvenir Square Singles

My Mum took me to my first ever concert at Wembley stadium for my 8th birthday in 1988, which was Michael Jacksons BAD tour. She bought me my first vinyl which was a souvenir pack of square 7″ picture disc singles. Although they hung on my wall for years I was never allowed to listen to them as my Mum thought I would scratch and destroy them.
Eventually they moved into the attic when I moved out of home when I went to University, and then were forgot about until they were found and brought over from the UK a few years ago, when I listened to them for the first time in 30 years! Ive only listened to them a few times, and am still scared that my Mums premonition of vinyl scratches will come true, so I’m very careful with them!

Thrice – The Illusion of Safety

I grew up loving this album so when I started a record collection over a decade ago it was one of my first purchases. I purchased it through Hot Topic along with a few other records and to this day still spin it regularly.