Oldest Record Competition Entries

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Midnight Oil – 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1

I arrived in Australia in 1987 as an International student. A high school friend gave me this as a welcome present and as an introduction to Aussie rock. Opened up a whole new world in music for me.

Cinderella and Hansel & Gretel

I found this at a garage sale a couple of years ago for my daughters first birthday. I had to look it up on discovery for the year – 1963.
She prefers her Trolls soundtrack now though

My Fair Lady 1956

My Grandma was a major fan of musicals growing up. She owned every single album released, most of which I still have. Her love for music was passed on to me, where her records are proudly placed amongst my collection of 400+ LPs. My Fair Lady is the eldest, coming in at 65 years old.

Rumours Fleetwood Mac

It was my first ever album I was 10 years old and now 43 years later I still own it – the cover is held together by sticky tape but the album plays fine- we now have over 500 albums in our collection!

Hard-Ons – Smell my finger

I have been collecting vinyl. Since 1992 my first year of high school. Also been listening to Sydney band the Hard-Ons. Since around the same time. I scored the first Hard-Ons album second hand on vinyl. At Dada records in Perth. Back in 1998 and have had it in my possession ever since. It still has the price tag on it of 17/09/1998 for a very cheap price of $2.00. My birthday is 14th September. So from memory it was a awesome birthday present to myself. Rob from Dada’s was looking at me weird that day when I went to pay. Because I had a big smile on my face. For finding this vinyl so cheap. This vinyl is still in very good condition. It has been looked after. I had a look on Discogs and this vinyl is selling between €30 to €40 Euro. So I think I got a bargain back in 1998.

Lucio Battisti – Io Tu Noi Tutti (1977)

I don’t know how it happened, but the song “Amarsi un po'” by Lucio Battisti became the soundtrack for my wife and I’s roadtrip from Paris to Modena, Italy during the summer of 2017 for our honeymoon. It’s a beautiful song perfectly suited to driving through the Italian countryside on a hot day, and sings about the joys and challenges of loving someone.

Anyway, we get to Modena, and we’re walking around and find a flea market. Sure enough, in a crate under a small stall’s rickety trestle table, is a 1977 original pressing of Lucio Battisti – Io Tu Noi Tutti (opening track – “Amarsi un po'”!). I still have it today, and that song in particular always brings me back to our honeymoon and our trip to Modena.

The attached photo is taken moments after purchase (you can see the cobbles of the plaza where the flea market was, and the chintzy purple-striped plastic record bag underneath!)

War of the Worlds by Jeff Wayne

I grew up with this record. My parents played it to me when I was very young, and by the time I was twelve it was embedded into my very being. I’d seen laser shows with this as its soundtrack, witnessed planetarium exhibitions to the Eve of the War anthem, and watched countless movie remakes of the story. No retelling compares to this perfect presentation which I finally found on double album on Facebook marketplace a couple of weeks ago. So stoked to find it in pristine condition with the booklet still affixed to the inner spine!

Rock around the clock

My 94 year old Grandmother gifted me her vinyl record collection. This classic is from 1955 and is my oldest record in my collection and she is our oldest member of our music loving family.
My grandmother collected vinyl records as did my father and now me.
My collection is extensive ranging from classics and modern day bangers from the past 70 years.
I’m very proud to own such a cool collection of vinyl.

“Morning Of The Earth” O.S.T original 1972 Australian pressing

One of my favourite Australian movies and soundtracks of all time, introduced to it by my Step-Dad growing up, spent the best part of 18 months looking for a copy in decent condition.
One day walked in to a second hand record store while on holiday, and there it was, sitting up high on a shelf behind the counter, didn’t even blink, walked straight up to the counter and bought it, the shop keeper was surprised someone as young as me recognised the album and we talked about him seeing the film at the cinemas when it launched and him purchasing that exact copy a couple of months later, it was a great day all round!

Rock around the Clock

I love this record because it has the original owners name (Janice Bell) and address on it. Would you believe I picked this beauty up at a garage sale in the same suburb of its first owners in the 50’s!