Oldest Record Competition Entries

Thank you for your entry!

SWEET -Singles Album

In grade six at our end of the year big disco party I knicked this album from the dj all in the name of love!! The gal I had the hots for was obsessed with Ballroom Blitz and so the plan was to give it to her and we would obviously get married! Until I saw her holding hands with Mick the d*ck and instead I kept it for myself and played it for weeks on end all broken hearted.

Elton John -self titled album

Back in the day when I used to work in JB. I was wooed by a young gentleman customer and ended up going on a date with him. This was his gift to me on the night of our first date. An observational fella he was as he payed attention to the types of music I would select when I was working and this record always reminds me of him even though he is long gone from my life.

1970 Woodstock

My father in law gave me about 200 albums from the 70’s and later. He also gave me a Denon turntable to play them all on.

Pearl Jam Vs and Vitalogy box set

I was in Perth for work over a decade ago and went to JB Hifi to get some new CDs and spotted this Pearl Jam box set on sale. I am a long time Pearl Jam fan and had wanted to buy it when it first came out but couldn’t afford it while studying. I was now fresh out of uni and earning pretty decent money so I snatched it up, even though I wouldn’t even own a record player to spin the black circles on for a few more years!

Lorin Whitney Plays The Pipe Organ (With Chimes And Vibra Harp Effects) 1954

When my local record store Hippie Haven Music Café was forced to closed down to make way for ‘progress and development’ I helped the owner Chris to move shop and clean up. There were many old records that did not make Chris’s cut and ended up in a skip. I could not help myself but engage in a bit of ‘record’ dumpster diving that day! This particular record caught my attention and has been in my collection since. I always enjoyed browsing through Chris’s record collection and chatting at lengths with him, I learned so much about artists, labels, and genres from Chris and thanks to him have some real gems in my collection. Hippie Heaven was a meeting place for local musicians, collectors and enthusiast alike, and had a real vibe and buzz regardless of what time you dropped in, I miss really those days.

“Load” by Metallica

This album was the first one that I ever bought for myself. It was a clandestine purchase, having parents who disapproved of my taste in music! If I remember correctly, I went with a friend to the huge record store in town (it was a mission getting there!) and then keeping the cd hidden away 😂. It’s followed me around the world and, despite the digitising of music storage, I’ve kept it with me for more than 25 years!

The Cure – Disintegration

This is record number 1 in my collection which is now around 2000. A friend’s big sister no longer played her records so handed them on to him and he gave this gem to me. I loved everything about it and from that moment I was hooked. I’ve since spent hours and thousands of dollars in record shops around the world.
When The Cure toured on the Bloodflowers tour I skived off of uni and spent the day hanging about the front of hotels all across Adelaide until finally I got the chance to meet Robert Smith and Simon Gallop. I had a chat with them and got my record signed. So not only is it my oldest but my most precious. On Catastrophic Fire days here in the Adelaide Hills I make sure I have my 3 kids and this record in the car before we flee!

Edison Amberol Record, Honor thy Father and Mother (M.Romain)

OK, So I don’t have a full history of this. It was passed down from my Grandad. I believe its from around 19012-1929. Condition is not great on the paper tube sleeve, but the actual record is still in good condition. These don’t go for much money now, but still very cool 🙂
Its a 4 minute play and features “Honor thy Father and Mother” by Manuel Romain (Early 20th century Spanish-American vocalist) which I can only imagine was a pretty happening tune at the time.

Quadrophenia, The Who

I saw The Who at the Lyceum Ballroom in London in November 1973, I was 14 and it was my first gig.

It was part of the so called Quadraphonia tour, the LP had just been released. After the concert I went out and bought the album and it was the start of an ongoing love affair with the band which still goes on today.

i traveled all over Australia and New Zealand when they came over a few years ago I have also flown to the US to see them. I am also a Who UK released completest and memorabilia tragic.

Abbey Road – The Beatles

Back in the dark ages I had been madly saving for my first record player via odd jobs, paper round and washing cars. Finally purchasing my then dream player for $165.00, there was a major problem. I was now totally broke with no record to christen it with. I will add, the complimentary album that came with the player was “The Sounds Of James Last”, so that didn’t count. I wanted Abbey Road!
An acquaintance from school (a spoiled only child and quite a jerk) who was reputed to own more than 60 albums asked if I was interested in buying some of his rejects. Absolutely! The first “reject” album he showed me was none other than Abbey Road in mint condition, asking price $0.50 cents. The rest is now history. He actually became my new “best friend” and personal record store.

Theme From M*A*S*H (Suicide Is Painless)

I used to be really into rewiring childrens toys to make weird sounds and making music with them, so spent a lot of time trawling the charity shops in the UK. I would rarely look at the vinyl selection as this was a time before I owned a turntable, but the old CBS “sunrise” label caught my eye. Having been a big fan of M*A*S*H (the movie, but not the series) I grabbed it despite having no way to play it. Thanks Doris!